Nordic Hot Tubs


Northern Light Package

 Gently transitioning LED lights silently cycle through the beautiful colors of the Aurora Borealis in Nordic's Northern Lights Package.  The refraction and reflection of the light through the water make the colors sparkle and dance. Exterior sconce lighting gently illuminates the immediate area surrounding your hot tub, lending ambience and safety. 


Voted one of the 5 Best Hot Tubs in the world



Sunset view from your Nordic Hot Tub

The Nordic Series

Nrdic hot tub 110 series

Plug N Play Series

No special wiring or electrical service to install!  Just use a dedicated standard 110/ 15 or 20 amp outlet

Nordic Hot Tub Classic Series

The classic round series.

This series start at 78 1/2" round and 35" tall to 84" round and 40" tall.

Nordic Hot tub Modern Series

The Modern Series

This series turns it up a notch. More jets, more power. You can connect to standard low voltage power or 220v High power. Very universal

Nordic hot tub sport edition

The Sport Series

This is the series for the family members that may want a little extra pressure.  All Sport Models come with the Northern Light Package.

Nordic hot tub Luxury series

The Luxury Series

This series has all the bells and whistles.  Waterfall, extra pump, light package inside and out, cup holders that will light up your beverages and more.

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